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Route map des compagnies aériennes en Amérique du Sud : LATAM, Skyairlines, Aerolinas

Pour préparer votre voyage en Amérique du Sud, voici les routes map de quelques compagnies aériennes (cliquez sur les images pour zoomer)






Sky Airline



This air pass lets you combine international and domestic destinations on Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral flights in order to visit the places of interest of our Continent. For instance start in Lima and end up in Rio de Janeiro after having visited the Glaciars Buenos Aires and why not Iguazu if you wish. Just choose and combine any one our 33 domestic destinations with any of our 13 South America destinations. The South American Pass is an air pass created for those willing to travel around the Region at a low price It applies to regional and domestic flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral only in economy class. In order to purchase the air pass passengers must include at least two regional flights in their itineraries and submit a round trip international ticket to a South America destination. For example: Lima - Buenos Aires - Bariloche - El Calafate - Ushuaia - Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile. Fares applicable to flights as of January 1st 2011.

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